Po Nagar Festival 2014 opened in Nha Trang

On April 20 morning (the 21st day of the third month in lunar calendar), the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Khanh Hoa opened Po Nagar Festival 2014 in in Po Nagar Tower in Nha Trang. This festival appealed attention of thousands of people…

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Mango Bay Resort promotes Stay 3 Pay 2 Program

From 5th May to 30th September, 2014 Mango Bay Resort offers promotion of “Stay 3 pay 2”. Tourists will have time relaxing, swimming in turquoise waters, contemplating sunset, and enjoying delicious meals in a luxury hotel at a low cost…

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Dipping in Lan Ha Bay with beautiful kayaks

Experiencing kayaking tour in Lan Ha Bay with azure sky, blue clean water and wonderful landscapes, playing with monkey and popping in small islets brings fantastic moments in the natural landscape of Cat Ba.

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